Secrets of Scorpio astrology.

All the Scorpio secrets are right under your nose! Check the text on the main page. It is broken down into 2 pages of information to explain this astrology sign the most clearly and easy to understand.

The Scorpio is the most baffling of all the signs, and through years of research into the Scorpio mind and by studying actual Scorpio men and women, We created this website to explain the details that we all want to know but can not seem to figure out. It is the Scorpio's worst nightmare!

Read the Scorpio facts page to see why they are so deep, the ruling planets have a lot of impact on the personality. Each astrology sign has different traits that cater them only, and it just happens that the Scorpio sign has 2 very interesting and 1 very strong planet that rules them, so in the mix of these 2 planets you get the particularly interesting and mysterious Scorpio.

Scorpio women and men are slightly different. The male and female traits are enhanced, so even though they share the same description, these are minute differences that affect the personality of males and females. Be sure to check the men & women pages to see the difference between the sexes.

The most important page is the information written on the main page of this website. If you are baffled, perhaps you should read it twice! Also, do not forget to recommend it to all your friends!