Simple Scorpio facts you should know.

Scorpio is a water sign

This means that they are more emotional. Ensuring their own security is very important to them. Here's a living example of this. whenever possible, the Scorpio will have the most up to date security features in their vehicles. They like fast and high performance cars. hey like the risk of fun but need to make sure it's safe at the same time. Other fellow water signs include Cancer and Pisces.

Life of a Scorpio

Scorpios are not really into sports, maybe the like to watch football, but it's rarely a large part of who they are. They are not usually athletes either, unless perhaps if their rising sign is Aries, which is a very sporty sign. If you know a Scorpio that really likes sports, then looks at their rising sign because chances are it will be a very sporty sign, most notably the Aries.

When it comes to Scorpio's favorite activities, they like anything fast, dangerous and thrilling. Motor spots are usually very popular. Normally a Scorpio doesn't get bored and doesn't need to look for something to keep them busy because they have a few activities and hobbies that already take up most of their time and a common denominator is that they are such workaholics that they don't have time for an easy nighttime card game, they may be at work!

Scorpios take their jobs very seriously. They are usually in a position of power (by now there's no surprise there, right!) They can devote so much time to their jobs that they easily become workaholics, ignoring everything else in their life. If a Scorpio is stuck in job where this is no room for advancement or no challenge, they can be destructive and angry, they will not be settled until they can be in a position of power and have a certain realm of goals to work on or handle on their own.

Lucky Stone: Opal

The Scorpio birthstone is opal. The power of the stone is that is exaggerates whatever is currently going on. It symbolizes Scorpio because they are an intensified person often with exaggerated emotions hidden inside, like the rock itself. It can also attract good luck, which is true to the Scorpio through their determination and perseverance, they make luck happen for themselves by their actions to strive for the best.

Lucky color: Dark red

It's quite symbolic of the astrology sign, it represents passionate rushing blood, intensity and sexuality. It's a darker color which represents the secret personality and dark depths. Red is passion which is very self explanatory for Scorpios!

Ruling planets: Mars and Pluto

Pluto is the sign of the underworld, it's the furthest planet in the solar system and some even argue that it's not a planet at all. It's quite the mystery!

The other ruling planet is Mars which is the god of power and passion. Giving the person strength and determination along with the power. Scorpios are gifted with extra energy when they put their mind to something, they are rarely quitters.

The downside of the darkest and strongest ruling planets is that you can easily get sucked into a spiral of depression or negative thoughts. The negative down on his luck Scorpio can easily succumb to temptation. Remember that what goes up must come down and vice versa so even if you find yourself in a tough situation, don't succumb to evil temptation. You can rise up again.

Details of the Scorpio moon sign.

Sometimes the sun sign might be a different sign yet the person seems to exhibit Scorpio characteristics. Check on a natal chart if the moon sign is in Scorpio. This can influence the personality very much.

The moon sign is what's held inside, your feeling and thoughts. It's your subconscious self, the hidden self that tries to come out underneath the power of the sun sign. It makes each of us different. This is more subtle personality affects it;s how you react to situations, it's how you feel in relationships. The moon represent how you deal with the past, it's everything that's inside. The moon sign is the inner self, the exact opposite of the rising sign.

The moon in Scorpio will make a person more emotional, more passionate, more self-sacrificing and more complex. you're more adept at being intuitive to the feeling for others, you footmen know what others are feeling by reading their vibes. You are prone to self-destructive behaviors as you try to control your emotions whirling inside. If you understand that your inner self is more emotional then you're aware of, they can knowingly control your impulses, control your jealousy and make a conscious effort not to be so grudge-holding, revengeful and suspicious.

Details of the Scorpio rising sign.

One of the most influential aspect to a personality is the rising sign. It is the position of the planets the moment you were born. To find out your rising sign, check a natal chart. If you know someone who exhibits Scorpio behavior without being a Scorpio, chances are they have a Scorpio rising sign.

The Rising sign controls your outer expression, it's the opposite of the moon sign. It is your self-representation and expression it is how the world sees you and what you want the world to see. It's almost as important as the sun sign.

The Scorpio rising sign put even more emphasis on power. The Scorpio sun sign is all about power, but than you look at the rising sign which is the self expression towards the world, the first thing that any Scorpio wants to see is their power.

You can be so power hungry that you'll resort to the dark side for trying to get this power. You need to do yourself a favor and practice more self-control and make sure they you jeep in touch with reality - you're not the only person in the world and the world does not evolve around you! Your reputation is very important and the rising sign Scorpio will enhance your secrecy and information clenching skills. You have a tendency to be overly suspicious so you need to keep this in check.