All about the Scorpio woman.

The Scorpio lady is a particularly hard woman to pin down. It takes a strong man to harness this catch! She can be overly critical and has little patience for the shortcomings of others. Limit the sweet-talking; Scorpio women can see through flattery! They are overly intuitive and can read people extremely well.

Men who use pick-up lines or try cheesy advances always get called out, leaving men feeling vulnerable or confused. Scorpio woman innately play "hard to get"; in reality, she is usually the one who likes to seduce and experience the "thrill of the chase".

Despite her "hard to get" game, the Scorpio woman does not like being alone. She thrives on acceptance, commonly fluttering form man to man, seeking one who will provide her with the right emotional stimuli she subconsciously desires. If a man can live with her steady & sometimes stubborn ways, she will love him deeply and passionately.

Scorpio & Her Stern Needs

Other humans never get bored with a Scorpio woman around. Even though this astrology sign is mysterious and secretive, Scorpio women can let out humorous statements and act silly without warning. She has a highly creative mind and finds joy in surprising others with spontaneous ideas & opinions.

Even though she may not be patient with you, you will need to be patient with her.
Sure It does not seem fair, but in every relationship there is compromise, and this is one compromise a partner will have to make with a Scorpio woman.

She is possessive of her man, so a potential mate who favors independence should proceed with caution! She has little tolerance for stupidity. A partner needs to be unique enough to keep her intrigued, but not too much where she cannot understand your motives. She likes interesting personalities but not wild people.

Scorpio's mate needs to be stable - slightly eccentric is okay, but if you spend all your money foolishly, that is a huge turnoff! Often, a man will have 1 or two 2 traits that she despises, and simply can never look past these flaws. A man becomes branded with a big red X over his head forever. Be realistic and think success at all times!

She has exacting standards but does not reveal these to a potential partner. It often causes confusion because the man does not initially know what she wants. It is a tactic to get to know the "real you". Scorpios never let a partner in right away either, although you are expected to expose your self immediately, again that is a compromise a Scorpio requires in a relationship.

The Long Road to her Heart.

She subconsciously needs a breadwinner. Being an old fashioned lady with a twist, she needs the man to provide security in her relationship, a good provider is a highly cherished partner.

Scorpio are usually suspicious of new people; the Scorpio female does not make friends easily and picking a boyfriend is not any different. Prove you are a determined person with actual life goals, and you have her attention.

Often the Scorpio female unintentionally attracts weak men. They like her strong personality and full sense of worth. She is attracted initially to the feeling of being needed, but this is short lived when she realizes that he can never provide for her. For these reasons, the Scorpio female tends to have many lovers one after the other as she is on the eternal passionate search for a man who is truly compatible with her.

If relationships never seem to work out, Scorpio must realize they are perfectly fine being on their own! It is a continuous life lesson for women born under this astrology sign. She is strong enough and determined enough to make her self successful without needing a man there to back her up.