Secrets of Scorpio compatibility.

This Scorpio compatibility chart is based primarily on a romantic relationship, however it can also be applied to a platonic friendship. By studying this chart you can see the obvious pattern that the Scorpio is most compatible with other hardworking, solid astrology signs.

The signs most compatible with Scorpio also like to be needed and have a strong sense of commitment. They perform best in couples. The least compatible signs are the most independent and free thinking signs. Scorpio avoids hippie like casual behaviors and people that like to roam through life exploring everything.

Scorpio needs stability and people with firm opinions. Those who are persuaded easily or who can see both side of the coin are usually not as compatible as their differences will eventually come out and failure to compromise will result.

If the people have rising and moon signs that are compatible with Scorpio this will greatly increase the chances of a successful relationship. Make sure to consult an astrology natal chart to get this information.

Most compatible: Capricorn

Fairly compatible: Virgo, Pisces

Moderate compatibility: Taurus, Cancer, Leo

More Difficult: Aries, Scorpio, Aquarius

Least compatible: Gemini, Libra, Sagittarius

The best test to see if you're compatible with Scorpio is to look at yourself, not them. If you're a wishy-washy, undecided person, if you feel superior to the Scorpio and if you like to pass blame on to other people or other circumstances, the Scorpio won't be very compatible with you.

To err is human, and they won't mind if you make mistakes, but you better be "man enough" to own up to your mistakes. If you're determined and passionate like them, they will notice you. Being sexy also helps, they like attractive and sexy things - especially people!