Scorpio sign's likes and dislikes.

If you were to summarize the Scorpio astrology sign in a few keywords, the following list can peg the typical Scorpio.

It applies to both male and female and can give you a very good idea of what they are like. Match these keywords to yourself to see if you're compatible with them too. One that's not mentioned on the list below is that they can be overly sexual but that's up to you if you consider that a strength or weakness!


- being persuasive
- being influential
- having a meaningful job
- finding out the truth
- honest people
- commitment
- successful people
- to have strong social roles


- superficial people
- casual romantic relationships
- flattery
- compromising
- being controlled
- indecisiveness
- people who are aloof


- dedicated
- energetic
- loyal
- passionate
- mentally strong
- intuitive
- good problem solver
- influential
- thorough
- dependable


- jealous
- stubborn
- obsessive
- revengeful
- manipulative
- easily shuns people
- easily holds a grudge
- insensitive to others
- secretive
- overbearing