Discover the mysteries of the Scorpio...

Maybe you are reading this because you were hurt or confused by a Scorpio. They can sting with words in a release of anger. It is the astrology symbol of the scorpion after all!

A release of anger usually occurs when power is threatened, or if they feel another person steps on their toes. Scorpio prides themselves on being mysterious and untouchable, if a person claims he can "read between their lines" or see underlying motives, Scorpio feels threatened. The sensitive and self proclaimed "untouchable" Scorpio personality needs to be kept at arms length from the general public.

Here is the next tip for handling the Scorpio: Even though, so far, the reader sees inside their motives, Don't tell them! Keep it a secret! A Scorpio hates to be revealed!

Handle their intensity in secret. Scorpio forever cherishes the person who gives him the reins of power, never offends, angers or distracts while busy.

There, dealing with a Scorpio is suddenly a little easier!

Scorpios are critically suspicious of liars, cheaters and anything that can threaten their power. They soak up everything like a sponge, when told some gossip, they store that away for later reference if needed.

A Scorpio is not a gossip for the sake of gossip, but they keep this information for their own use. They need to see if they can trust a person. Once a person breaks a Scorpio's trust, they "up the creek without a paddle". Scorpio loses trust and holds grudges easily; never expect them to forget, forgive and move on anytime soon.

In fact, they are the worst sign of the zodiac at forgiving. The type that cheats or lies better find a different sign to align! The game is over soon as the Scorpio exposes a cheat or a liar. No second chances.

They are excellent detectives; never underestimate sleuthing skills! They can easily "play dumb"; it is simply part of the facade of trying not to reveal too much of themselves.

Ready to move on?

When Scorpio gets an idea in their head, they go all the way, refusing to be derailed or stopped. Another way to coexist peacefully with Scorpio is to let them be with their ideas and do not question their path or attempt to influence their ideas.

They welcome suggestions but make sure never give suggestions as commands. Instead of saying "you should do this" say "what do you think about this?". It is very important to take a sideline approach when a determined Scorpio is working. Once their mind sets on a goal, nothing can get in the way. Let them flourish, achieving goals is a specialty!

Scorpio might ignore others while on a roll, so do not take it personally or attempt to ask for attention while busy. Once the project completes, you will have your friend back. It does not mean they love any less, it just means they are busy right now.

Avoid being overly sensitive because this astrology sign does not tolerate "emotional instability". This, however, is an irony because Scorpio IS sensitive, but they will not tolerate the same in other people.

YOU have to compromise because they will not. Got it?

We touched on the clingy factor a little bit in the previous lesson. It must be noted that Scorpio is one of the most clingy and jealous signs of all astrological sun signs. They live by the mantra "If I can't have you, no one will" Depending on individual astrology sign personality traits, it can be desired complimenting feature (a person will always feel protected & cared for) or a complete detriment (like a suffocating blanket).

The Scorpio is a great match for monogamous personalities. A person who simply wants to settle down and grow old together sitting on rocking chairs in moments of silence, this person is a premier match. To the independent person who prefers freedom: Move along and pick another independent astrology sign.

The Scorpio in love is not necessarily an emotional lover, but they will make a partner feel like the most important person in the world. They will do anything to protect like a knight in shining armor. Often jealous of others, the significant other must understand jealousy happens because they are in love. This is how a romantic partner can tell it is real love.

Remember, they keep their true emotions hidden and may not even say the magic "L" word, but they show love via actions. Actions speak louder than words. Ask yourself "do you feel protected"? If so, it's love!

In the contrary, never be too demanding for Scorpio's approval. In their view, neediness is lack of self confidence, and that is turn-off for this astrology sign. They love confidence and people who are sure of themselves. A person that always fishes for compliments appears insecure.

Got this lesson? Scorpio shows love by action, not words. If they protect someone, they like them!

For people trying to attract a Scorpio, be a challenge to snag their interest! They do not like something presented on a platter they can easily take. They love winning. Play hard to get; it is like a game they cannot resist.

If they can chase & work to seduce, they have the power to win. Do not give it up too quickly; however, the thrill of the hunt is exhilarating. In the meantime, you will have a challenge too: Scorpio is the sign of power and sex, lust and seduction - and it is hard to resist! Make sure to stay at arms length and let them chase for a while first. After they have won their prize (Facebook status updates to "in a relationship"), stop running, or they will condemn you as "fake or flaky". They like "sure & solid" people, remember?

Now it is time settle down, follow their lead and live happily ever after (only if heeding the above advice, of course!).

Scorpio is not just a good lover they are also an incredibly loyal best friend. Choose your words carefully. Do not lie or act insecure. Share their passion & determination. Follow this essential set of rules and these complex people can be the most rewarding friends and lovers of all the 12 signs of the zodiac.